This tab, is used for the Bookkeeping definitions of the organization. There is a very high importance to the definitions of this tab, and it should be defined with the accounts manager and according to the organization's policy. These definitions affect many of Hyper's modules and functions.

Definition Fields

Field Title Description
Bookkeeping Currency Mandatory field. This field defines the default currency of the organizations. This currency can be different from the local country currency.
Invoice Total Rounding Off The rounding off policy of the organization. Select the required policy:
  • Do Not Round - Do not round the invoice amount.
  • Round - Round the invoice amount up/down, according to its decimal part.
  • Truncate - Ignore the parts of the decimal part of the invoice amount. For example: 120.6$ => 120$.
Require Client ID beyond Total Amount LC Mandatory field. According to the local regulation and the organization's policy, define the total amount which requires the client to present his Id.
Default Sales Analysis by Document Select the required document for the sales analysis ans statistics:
  • Order vs Return of Goods
  • Delivery Note vs Return of Goods
  • Tax Invoice vs Credit Invoice
Editing Journal Entries after Creation Define the authorizations for editing journal entries after creation:
  • Entry will be ReadOnly after 30 minutes - the journal entry is editable for 30 minutes only, after creation.
  • Allow Delete / Recovery, Fields Readonly - the fields of the journal entry can not be modified, but the entry can be deleted and recovered.
  • Allow Editing except Amount & Currency - the journal entry can be modified, except for the amount and currency fields. This option is recommended when authorized accounting manager is available.
  • All fields Editable - all of the journal entries fields are editable.
Receipt / Refund Cash UI There are three available options for the Hyper's cash UI:
  • Bills Table - Fill in the received amount of each coin / bill, and the system will calculate the total amount.
  • Bills Table and Free Field - Fill in the received amount of each coin / bill and the system will calculate the total amount. Alternatively, fill in the total amount.
  • Bills Skin - Press the image of each received bill / coin, and the system will calculate the total amount.
Duty Fields for "Original Sales Documents" In this field, select the required duty fields to be displayed on each produces Invoice or Receipt. In order to select multiple fields, add rows by using the right click button or press Ctrl + Enter and select the required field from the list.
Delete Standing Orders after # Months of NO Use Select the required timing for deleting standing orders, according to the organization's policy. Fill in the required amount of month.
Print # Copies for Every... Define a required amount of copies to be printed after every produced:
  • Original Tax Invoice
  • Original Receipt
  • Original Credit Invoice
  • Original Refund
  • Original Delivery Note
  • Original Return of Goods
Number Original Documents from Define the initial number for each of the produced original documents:
  • Original Tax Invoice
  • Original Receipt
  • Original Credit Invoice
  • Original Refund
  • Original Delivery Note
  • Original Return of Goods
The system will automatically number each of the above documents, starting from the defined initial number.
On International Doc Convert to Purchaser Currency Define whether to convert the rates and prices to the purchaser currency, on international documents.
Enable Prepaid Products select "YES" in order to display the "Prepay for a product" button when creating a new Tax Invoice.
This Company is Regulated as Select the relevant regulation from the list:
  • No Regulated
  • Banking Services Provider
  • Broker - Trading Platform Provider
Use Refund Form as Withdrawal Form Select "NO" for a regular company that allows a refund to its clients. Select "YES" for a Banking Services Provider or Broker / Trading Platform Provider, that allows its clients a withdrawal from their accounts. The title of the "Refund" tab, will be changed to "Withdrawal Form", according to this definition.
Bookkeeping in "Multi-Currency" Mode
  • NO - Regular bookkeeping, with a primary bookkeeping currency, and ordinary currencies exchange.
  • YES - The system will allow to work in a "Multi-Currency" mode. In that case, select the relevant account in the "Currency Swaps Default Account" field.
Minimal BK Entry Date The first BK Entry Date in the current year.
Inner Accounts Definitions For the following fields, select the relevant defined inner account:
  • Default P&L Account
  • Default Fees Account
  • Receipt Cash Default Account
  • Receipt Cheque Default Account
  • Receipt C.c Default Account
  • Bank Transfer Default Account
  • Payment Cheque Default Account
  • Clients Deduction At Source Default Account
  • Suppliers Deduction At Source Default Account
Company TDS ID Fill in the TDS Id of the organization.
Currency Swaps Default Account The inner account for the currencies swaps. This field will be available after choosing "YES" in the "Bookkeeping in Multi-Currency Mode" field. The Account Purpose of this inner account should be defined as: "General (Daily Currency Value)".
Currency Convert Wizards Feed Source Choose the required option:
  • Representative Rate
  • TP Feed

Action Buttons

The following action buttons are available at the bottom of this tab:

Save Settings Save the definitions and modification in this tab.
Reload Settings Cancel the modifications and reload the recently saved definitions.

The Fix Data button, displays the following options:

Refresh Account Names on Journal Entries
Refresh Currency Rates on Journal Entries
Refresh Currency Rates on Receipts & Refunds
Refresh Currency Rates on Tax Invoices

For further information about the available System Fundamentals Definitions, click here.