Restore Factory Defaults

Hyper is a customized system that allows its users to modify some of its tables, buttons, tabs, fields and scripts. In order to simplify the recovery of the default definition for each of the above, all of the customized modifications are gathered in this tab. In order to recover the default settings, delete the modifications rows, from the required columns:

  • Buttons & Tabs Authorizations - The authorization for buttons and tubs. In this column, the system displays the list of pages in Hyper, where custom authorizations were defined for buttons or tabs.
  • Visual Fields Layout - The custom fields layout. When modifying the layout of Hyper fields, it can be canceled from this column.
  • Table Fields Customization - This column displays all of the modifications in fields settings.
  • Table Customization Script (events) - This column displays all of the scripts that were designed according to the organization's needs.

In order to delete required custom definition, double click on it, select the required definition and press the YES (F6) button to cancel it.