Add Filter

In order to create a new filter, open the search wizard and press the Add Filter button. Creating a new filter is done in three steps:

Advanced Search Wizard 1/3 - The Filter Definitions

advanced search wizard - The Filter Definitions

In this step, fill in the definition fields of the filter. please pay attention to the following fields:

Field Title Description
Authorized Groups Allow the selected authorization groups to use this filter.
Authorized Users Allow the selected users to use this filter.
Enable Data Export for Groups Allow to export the filter search results, to the selected authorization groups. In order to export the data, right click on the results table and choose the Export Data option. Please note - Export data is allowed according to the employee card definition, in the "Enabled to Copy-Paste data from Read-Only tables" field.
Sorting Level The values 0-5 in this field are used for sorting the filter in the list of available filters.
Create Button - This option creates a button that executes this filter, on the search bar.
Create Button & Execute Dialog - This option creates a button that displays the filter fields, in order to select the required criteria.

There are two tables in this window:

  • Sorting the search results - This table is used for sorting the search results, according to the required fields. Select the required field and define whether to sort it in Inverse Order.
  • Results Layout Definition - In this table, select the required information fields to be displayed in the search results table. Leave this table empty to display the default fields.

The following action buttons are available at the bottom of this window:

Delete This Filter Delete the selected filter.
Duplicate Filter Create an additional filter with the same definitions. The modifications will be made in the copied new filter.
Back (Cancel) Cancel any modifications and go back to the previous window.
Forward Continue to the next step.

Advanced Search Wizard 2/3 - The Filter Algorithm

Advanced Search Wizard - The Filter Algorithm

In this step, define the conditions and queries for this filter. There are three areas in this window:

  • The action buttons - The buttons on the left side, are available according to the selected record of the algorithm.
  • Tables by Algorithm Order - The algorithm tree is displayed in the center of this window.
  • Conditions and Queries definition - On the right side of the window, the required conditions and queries are defined, for each algorithm and by using the action buttons.


Creating queries and conditions is based on the following rules:

  • All of the conditions are linked with AND / OR rules. It is recommended to define these rules in advanced, before building the algorithm.
  • When choosing a table for required condition, the system displays all of its fields. It is recommended to create a script of the required fields and conditions in advance.
  • The filter executes the conditions and queries according to their order in the algorithm.
  • Each table has a primary key field. By choosing the same key fields in a different tables, the system creates a link between these tables, that allows to receive from these tables any required data according to the selected key. For example: if we want to execute a search according to the "Created On" field and the "Order Approved On" field, we will need to create a link between the "Clients" table and the "Orders" table. In order to receive the information from these tables for the same client, the key field will be the "Client Card" field.

Action buttons

The following action buttons are available in this window:

Add Table Query This button is available only when pointing the "Tables by Algorithm Order" title, and allows to add a table query to the algorithms tree.
Add Where Condition This button adds a condition to the selected table. The properties of this condition will be defined on the right side of this window.
Link to Prev Table Field Use this button to create a link between tables. This action is required when creating a condition for more than one table. In this case, these tables must have a linkage in order to allow the filter to receive the information from the tables by using the same key field.
() Close Group and Start A New One Open / Close a group of conditions. This group of conditions can be related to other group by using one of the following conditions: AND / OR / AND NOT / OR NOT.
Duplicate Condition Copy the selected condition and add it to the bottom of the selected table's list of conditions.
Move Up / Down Use these buttons to move the selected condition up / down in the selected node only.
Remove Node Remove the selected table / condition.
For further information about each of the above buttons, read the following section.

Tables by Algorithm Order

In this area we create the queries and conditions tree (the filter's algorithm). This algorithm is created by using the action buttons and defining the required conditions for the filter in each node. Please find below, the available conditions and definitions of each action button.

New Table

Add Table Query

Press the Add Query Table button to select additional table and define its queries for the filter. On the right side, fill in the following fields:

Field Title Description
Table Name Select the required table from the list.
From Storage Folder (N/A/D) Select the required storage folder for this query:
  • N = Normal
  • A = Archive
  • D = Delete
Logic Gate The default logic gate is AND.

New Where

Add Where Condition

Select the required table and press Add Where Condition button, to add a new condition. This condition will be executed in the selected table only. Please pay attention to the order of the conditions, since the algorithm executes the conditions according to this order. The definitions of the new condition will be defined in the following fields:

Field title Description
Field Name Select the required field for the condition, from the list of the selected table's fields.
Where Function The required condition for the field's value:
  • Above Value - above the selected value.
  • Below Value - below the selected value.
  • Same Value - same value as the selected value.
  • Contain String - contain the selected value string.
  • String Search - search for the required string in this field.
  • Phonetic String Search - search for partly similar string.
  • Date in Period - define a time frame.
  • Contain Group Items - search for the required value in a group of fields.
  • Compare Between Fields - compare between fields of the same table. This option displays the following fields:
    Equation - the required condition for comparing the fields.
    Compare to Field Name - select the field for the comparison.
Logic Gate The required logic for linking this condition to the previous one:
  • AND
  • OR
  • OR NOT
Value The required value for the condition. The user can define a default value in this field or alternatively leave it empty and allow to define it while using the filter.
Default Value By Function Select a default value for this field, from a list of automatic fields values.
Expose this field with the caption Expose this field while using this filter, under this title. Please note - the value of the field can not be modified without defining its caption.
Special Editor Function This field allows to select defined values of Hyper or required field type form a list. When choosing any of the Status fields, the Get Status Index button becomes available.

Link to Prev Table Field

Link to Prev Table Field

This button creates the linkage between tables, by defining the following fields:

Field title Description
Field Name The key field name. This field is the linkage between the tables.
Goto Remembered Table Select a table to link the current table to.
Remembered Field Name Select the required field from the selected table, for the linkage.
Logic Gate Select the required logic for the linkage between the tables:
  • AND
  • OR
  • OR NOT

Close Group And Start A New One

This button closes the group of conditions in the selected table. Fill in the following fields:

Field Title Description
Table Name This field displays the current table's name.
From Storage Folder (N/A/D) This field displays the storage folder of the current table.
Logic Gate The required condition between the previous and the next functions.

Advanced Search Wizard 3/3 - Preview and Save

Advanced Search Wizard - Preview and Save

This window displays a preview of the filter, as will be displayed in the Advanced Search Wizard. The text at the top describes the filter, as was defined in step 1/3. At the bottom of this window, define the required filter field to be available for the users, as follows:

  1. Right click on the fields area and select the select the Fields Layout button.
  2. In the "Set Fields Layout" window, select the required fields (that were defined in the "Expose this field with the caption" fields) to be displayed, and press the Save Settings (F6) Button.
  3. press the Save Button to approve the filter or Back to go back to the previous step.