Audio Recording Organizer

Hyper allows its users to record all of their incoming and outgoing phone calls for follow up, analyzing and for future use. This tab gathers all of the user's phone calls to/from his position, that can not be automatically related to client / supplier card.

Audio Recording Organizer

The incoming and Outgoing phone calls of organization that uses this function, are automatically related to the Hyper cards of this phone number. The phone calls that can not be related to any of Hype’s cards, are automatically related to the POS Default Client Number, which represents the casual customers, that were not defined in the organization's system as clients. This Client Card is defined in the Local Computer Setup.

Search Records

The filter fields at the top of this tab are used for searching audio recording according to the following criteria:

Field Title Description
Recording Date Fill in the "From DateTime" and "Until DateTaime" fields, according to the date of the required phone call.
By Who Select the required user from the list.
What Select the type of the phone call:
  • Outgoing Call
  • Incoming Call
  • User Uploaded Audio File
  • Outgoing Call - No Answer
  • Incoming Call - No Answer
Phone number The required phone number.
File Number Select the required card of Hyper to view its records. As default, this field displays Hyper's casual customers card.
Press the Execute Report button, to display the list of the required recordings. Alternatively, use the Search Wizard button.

Action Buttons

The following action buttons are available after displaying the search results:

Attach to Relationship File Attach the selected record to the Relationship of selected Hyper card.
Move attachment to a different file Move this record to other selected Hyper card.
Delete File Delete the selected recording.

Recordings Player

The recordings player at the bottom of this tab, displayes the following action buttons:

Play Paly the selected recording.
Pause Pause the playback.
Stop Stop the playback.
Jump Backward / Forward Jump 10 seconds back / forward.

System Administrator

Save Recordings

The option of saving the recordings and relate them to Hyper cards, is available via separated interface. Contact SYE for further information.