Print Barcode Labels

The Barcode Labels are designed to display the relevant items details, prices and properties. The Barcode Labels Wizard of Hyper allows the user to define and select the required Barcode Label format, and to print the customized lapels.

Print Barcode Labels


When opening the Barcode Labels Wizard, Hyper displays the list of the organizations defined items and products, from the Product Design Module. Hyper allows to select the required products for the barcode labels printing, customize the design and the displayed information fields (gyp_Product Header table) and print the Barcode Labels. The following actions are available in this window:

  • Select the required products and the labels amount for the printing.
  • Label format settings.

Select products and amount of labels

After pressing the Print Barcode Labels button, in the Products tab of the Product Design Module, the "Print Barcode Label" window will be displayed. The table in this window includes the list of the defined products of the organizations. In order to print the barcode labels, follow the next steps:

  1. Select the required products and items for the barcode labels printing. In this step, delete the products rows that are not required for the printing. In order to delete these rows, press the row (or choose multiple rows by dragging the pointer, and press Delete (Alternatively, use the right click menu and press the Delete Selected Rows option).
  2. Choose the required labels amount - for each product, define the required labels amount in the "Labels Amount" field.
  3. Label Format - Select the required label format from the list in the "Label Format Name" field. Please note - in each printing, only one format can be defined for the selected products.
After choosing products, labels amount and label format, press the Print (F9) button.

Label Format Settings

Hyper allows to customize different formats of barcode labels, according to the products details and the organizations requirements. Press the Label Format Settings button, to open the Barcode Labels Definitions wizard.

Print Barcode Labels

In this window, edit the exist label formats or create new formats. The list of exist label formats are displayed in the left side of this window. In order to load a format details, double click its name. The settings of the selected format as well as the defined information fields for the label, will be displayed in the right side of the window.

Add New Label Format

In order to create a new label format, press the Add New Label Format button. Fill in the following definition fields at the top of this window:

Field Title Description
Label Format Name The format name. It is recommended to choose a clear and meaningful name in case of multiple available labels formats.
Media Total Width / Height mm The required printed media measure.
Left / Top Offset in Pixels The offset measure in pixels.
Enabled Define whether this format can be selected for the label printing. According to this definition, the label format name will be marked with one of the symbols: or .
Always Print on Hardware Define the default printer for the Barcode Labels.

After filling in the above fields, use the following table fields for the label design and content:

Field Title Description
Row The row number for the required field.
Col The column number in the selected row.
Col Width mm The column width in mm.
Field Name The Field name in Hyper, according to the selected "Visual Name" field.
Field Visual Name Select the required field to be displayed on the barcode label.
Text Styling Select the required style for the text, by using the following letters:
  • B - bold.
  • I - Italic.
  • U - Underline.
  • S - Strike through.
The selected letters can be written as a string (e.g. BIU).
As Barcode (Height mm)
Down mm
Const Text
In order to add rows, press Ctrl+Enter or use the right click menu. Press the Save Settings button.

Action Buttons

The following actions buttons are available at the bottom of this window:

Add New Label Format Create a new Barcode Label format.
Delete Format Delete the selected barcode label format.
Test Print Rect A test print with the current saved settings.
Reload Setting Cancel the modifications and reload the recent saved data.
Save Settings Save the settings and modifications.
Back Cancel every modification and go back to the previous window.