Database Table "hyp_Clients"

Table Description

Customer table. This is the "head" of the customer portfolio in Hyper, from new lead status to "paused customer" .
Through the Hyper interface the client file can be archived and returned.

Normal Storage

Real customers and leads in care

Archive Storage

Irrelevant leads. Can be updated in the archive!

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Depending on the permissions a client file can be deleted provided it has no meetings or sales documents
Field Name English Title Data Type Text Length Editor Attributes json
Client Number Integer 0 Edit Read Only
Key Field
Agency Status 0 Select Agency
Title String 15 SelectEdit Title
Last Name Name 50 Edit Mandatory LastName
First Name Name 40 Edit FirstName
3rd Optional Name Name 40 Edit 3rdOptionalName
Client Full Name String 135 Edit Read Only ClientFullName
Email String 100 Edit Mandatory /G:1 Email
Web Page String 60 Edit WebPage
1st Phone Mobile Phone Phone 20 Edit Mandatory /G:1 1stPhone
2nd Phone Office Phone Phone 20 Edit Mandatory /G:1 2ndPhone
3rd Phone Phone 20 Edit 3rdPhone
Fax Phone 20 Edit Fax
VoIP Phone String 40 Edit VoIPPhone
Street Address String 80 PopupEdit StreetAddress
City String 40 PopupEdit City
Region String 40 PopupEdit Region
Country String 40 Select Country
Zip Code String 15 Edit ZipCode
Building / Apartment / Office Instructions String 80 Edit BuildingApartmentOfficeInstructions
Use a Different Mailing Address String 160 TextMemo UseADifferentMailingAddress
Values List:
Private Company
Public Company
Status 0 Select Gender
Birthday Date 0 SelectEdit Birthday
ID Number Serial 20 Edit IDNumber
ID Doc Type
Values List:
National ID
National Passport
Travel ID (certificate)
ICA ID (certificate)
Corporation ID
Foreign Company Registered Locally
Status 0 Select IDDocType
ID Doc Valid Until Month 0 SelectEdit IDDocValidUntil
Country Issuing ID String 40 Select CountryIssuingID
Docs & Forms Language Status 0 Select DocsFormsLanguage
Handling Status
Values List:
Follow up
Follow up + Meeting / P.Offer
Client Not Interested
Real Client
Real Client + Club / Contract
Problematic (Read Notes)
Status 0 Select Read Only HandlingStatus
Locked Name & ID Bool 0 Edit Hidden
Read Only
Created On FixDT 0 Edit Read Only CreatedOn
Created By String 40 Edit Read Only CreatedBy
Parent Client Account Integer 0 Edit Read Only ParentClientAccount
Parent Client Account Name String 135 PopupList ParentClientAccountName
Assign Journal Entries to Parent Bool 0 Select AssignJournalEntriesToParent
Middleman Account Integer 0 Edit Read Only MiddlemanAccount
Middleman Name String 135 PopupList MiddlemanName
Middleman Contact Person String 135 PopupList MiddlemanContactPerson
Use Currency by Default String 4 Select Mandatory UseCurrencyByDefault
Committed to pay VAT Bool 0 Select CommittedToPayVAT
Produce International Documents by Default Bool 0 Select ProduceInternationalDocumentsByDefault
Send Official Documents to Primary Email Bool 0 Select SendOfficialDocumentsToPrimaryEmail
Print prices on delivery notes Bool 0 Select PrintPricesOnDeliveryNotes
Default Payment Terms
Values List:
Standard Credit
Extra Credit
Monthly Payments
Status 0 Select DefaultPaymentTerms
Credit Months Integer 0 Edit CreditMonths
Credit Days Integer 0 Edit CreditDays
Export Account to 3rd party Integer 0 Edit ExportAccountTo3rdParty
Gov Tax Authorities ID String 20 Edit GovTaxAuthoritiesID
Money Laundering
Values List:
Remote Detection
Face-to-face Identification
Back Account "Closed Circuit"
Not Regulated
Status 0 Select MoneyLaundering
SEC Regulation
Values List:
Not Regulated
Status 0 Select SECRegulation
Industry Classification Code Integer 0 Edit Read Only IndustryClassificationCode
Industry Classification String 100 PopupList IndustryClassification
Contract CID Counter Integer 0 Edit Hidden
Read Only
GIS Latitude Real 0 Edit Read Only GISLatitude
GIS Longitude Real 0 Edit Read Only GISLongitude
Data Source String 2 Edit Read Only DataSource
Role for Loan Module
Values List:
Status 0 Select RoleForLoanModule
Default Sales Agent String 40 PopupList DefaultSalesAgent
Default Relationship Manager String 40 PopupList DefaultRelationshipManager
Spare Agent 1 String 40 PopupList SpareAgent1
Spare Agent 2 String 40 PopupList SpareAgent2
Spare Agent 3 String 40 PopupList SpareAgent3
Price List String 50 Select PriceList
Accept Commercial Info by these channles
Values List:
SMS + EMail
Traditional Mail
All Channels
Status 0 Select Read Only AcceptCommercialInfoByTheseChannles
Accept Commercial Info by SMS FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only AcceptCommercialInfoBySMS
Accept Commercial Info by Email FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only AcceptCommercialInfoByEmail
Popup Serious Note String 300 TextMemo PopupSeriousNote
Relationship Abstract String 1000 Memo Read Only RelationshipAbstract
Last Phone call On FixDT 0 Edit Read Only LastPhoneCallOn
Last Phone call By String 40 Edit Read Only LastPhoneCallBy
Last Phone call / Try to call Result
Values List:
--No Call--
No Answer
Left a Message
Short Conversation
Long Conversation
Status 0 Select Read Only LastPhoneCallTryToCallResult
Next Phone call On FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only NextPhoneCallOn
Next Phone call By String 40 Edit Read Only NextPhoneCallBy
Last Contact On FixDT 0 Edit Read Only LastContactOn
Last Meeting On FixDT 0 Edit Read Only LastMeetingOn
First Meeting On FixDT 0 Edit Read Only FirstMeetingOn
First Price Quotation On Status 0 Select Read Only FirstPriceQuotationOn
Became a Real Client On Date Date 0 SelectEdit Read Only BecameARealClientOnDate
Not Interested Reason
Values List:
Too Expensive
Not what he imagined
Prefer the competitor
Did not understand the campaign
Status 0 Select Read Only NotInterestedReason
Assigned by Wizard On FixDT 0 Edit Read Only AssignedByWizardOn
Lead Supplier String 60 Select LeadSupplier
Lead Status
Values List:
Newly Created
HOT Lead
Interested Again
Status 0 Select LeadStatus
Mandatory Documents
Values List:
Not Tested Yet
Status 0 Select MandatoryDocuments
Review Status
Values List:
No Need
Denied / Wrong
Status 0 Select ReviewStatus
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