Database Table "hyp_Attachments_File_Types_Handlers"

Table Description

This table is defined in the Attachments & Templates tab of the System Fundamentals. This table is used for defining the approved file extension of the organization for Hyper, as well as the way of handling these files.

Normal Storage

Archive Storage

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Field Name English Title Data Type Text Length Editor Attributes json
File Extension String 10 Edit Mandatory
Key Field
Way of Handling Status 0 Select WayOfHandling
Custom Glyph String 30 PopupList CustomGlyph
Old software Compatibility Status 0 Select OldSoftwareCompatibility
Same File with multiple extensions String 20 TextMemo SameFileWithMultipleExtensions
Keep File Local Backup Bool 0 Select KeepFileLocalBackup
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