Database Table "hyp_Entity_Banking_and_Credit_Cards"

Table Description

Normal Storage

Archive Storage

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Field Name English Title Data Type Text Length Editor Attributes json
File Number Integer 0 Edit Hidden
Read Only
Key Field
Created On FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only CreatedOn
Payment Method
Values List:
Credit Card
Bank Account
Legal Usage Confirmation
3rd Party Payments
Status 0 Select Read Only PaymentMethod
Default for Automatic Monetary Transactions
Values List:
YES, Automatic Transactions
YES, with Additional Confirmation before use
Status 0 Select DefaultForAutomaticMonetaryTransactions
Allow to be used by Website & API Bool 0 Select AllowToBeUsedByWebsiteAPI
Bank ID Serial 10 PopupEdit BankID
Branch / Routing / Swift Serial 15 PopupEdit BranchRoutingSwift
Account (Local or IBAN) Serial 30 Edit AccountLocalOrIBAN
Reg. Bank Country String 40 Select RegBankCountry
Reg. Bank Name String 40 Edit RegBankName
Reg. Bank Address String 100 Edit RegBankAddress
Reg. Account Owner as Contact Person String 135 PopupList RegAccountOwnerAsContactPerson
CC Last 4 Digits String 4 Edit Read Only CCLast4Digits
Renew CC on Month 0 SelectEdit Read Only RenewCCOn
Encrypted Data String 110 Edit Hidden
Read Only
Short Description String 40 SelectEdit ShortDescription
Last Usage FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only LastUsage
Last Update FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only LastUpdate
Entity Full Name String 135 Edit Read Only EntityFullName
Requested Payment Day (Monthly) Integer 0 Edit RequestedPaymentDayMonthly
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