Database Table "hyp_Entity Tax Settings"

Table Description

The TDS definitions of Hyper entity.

Normal Storage

Archive Storage

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Field Name English Title Data Type Text Length Editor Attributes json
File Number Integer 0 Edit Hidden
Read Only
Key Field
Unique ID FixDT 0 SelectEdit Hidden
Read Only
TDS Rate % Real 0 Edit TDSRate
TDS decree is Valid From Date Date 0 SelectEdit Mandatory TDSDecreeIsValidFromDate
TDS decree is Valid Until Date 0 SelectEdit Mandatory TDSDecreeIsValidUntil
TDS License Symbol String 20 Select TDSLicenseSymbol
TDS Profession/Business Symbol String 40 Select TDSProfessionBusinessSymbol
TDS File ID Serial 20 Edit TDSFileID
Skip this account on TDS reports Bool 0 Select SkipThisAccountOnTDSReports
Electronic Government Certificate Sync DT FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only ElectronicGovernmentCertificateSyncDT
Electronic Government Certificate Details String 400 TextMemo Read Only ElectronicGovernmentCertificateDetails
Government Registration Warning Bool 0 Select GovernmentRegistrationWarning
Gov Default Rate Real 0 Edit Hidden GovDefaultRate
Gov Agreec Rate Real 0 Edit Hidden GovAgreecRate
Gov Insurance Rate Real 0 Edit Hidden GovInsuranceRate
Gov Auth Rate Real 0 Edit Hidden GovAuthRate
Gov Interest Rate Real 0 Edit Hidden GovInterestRate
Last Update FixDT 0 SelectEdit Read Only LastUpdate
Updated By String 40 Edit Read Only UpdatedBy
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