Database Table "hyp_Receipt Items"

Table Description

The recipt items table, which includes the payment method and its details.

Normal Storage

Archive Storage

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Field Name Description and Notes Data Type Text Length
Receipt Number unique number. Integer 0
Row Index Line number, starting from 1. Integer 0
Payment Method Payment Method. Auto filled according to the chosen button of payment method. Status 0
Payment Date Auto filled. Date 0
Total Amount Total amount. Money 0
Currency Currency. String 4
Monthly Payments Monthly payments Integer 0
First Payment Amount First Payment Amount. Money 0
Next Payments Amount Next payment Amount. Money 0
Payments Funding by 3rd Party Payment Funding by 3rd Party. Status 0
Total Amount LC Total Amount in local currency. Money 0
Cheque/CC Number Cheque number / CC Number (last 4 digits). Serial 15
Bank Bank ID Serial 10
Branch Branch / Routing / Swift Serial 15
Account Account (Local or IBAN) Serial 30
CC Brand Name CC Brand Name. String 40
Voucher Number Voucher Number. Integer 0
Exchange Rate Exchange rate. Auto filled according to the chosen currency [Currency]. Can be manually edit. Real 0
Cash Bills Description Cash Bills Description. String 40
Reg. Received from Country Reg. received from country. Choose from list. String 40
Reg. Bank Name Reg. Bank Name. String 40
Reg. Bank Address Reg. Bank Adress. String 100
Reg. No. of Endorsements Reg No. of Endorsements Integer 0
Reg. Account Owner as Contact Person Account owner as a contact. String 135
Into Internal Account Integer 0
Origin Production Time Origin Production Time. Select date from calendar. FixDT 0
Handling Status Handling Status. Status 0
Postponed Deposit Date Pospone Deposit Date. Date 0
Sent to Deposit On Send to deposit On. FixDT 0
Deposit / Refund Doc No. Integer 0
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