Database Table "hyp_Clients"

Table Description

Client Card. Available for statuses of "New Leed" to "Held Client". Due to system optimization consideration, inactive clients can be transferred to the archive. Clients retrieval from archive is a manual operation for each client card.

Normal Storage


Archive Storage

Due to system admin decision only. valid for update in archive

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Users with CRM Managers authotization or higher, can delete cards and sub-tables with no meetings or reservations
Field Name Description and Notes Data Type Text Length
Client Number Client number. Unique number. Integer 0
Agency The name of the agency, according to the Agencies table of Hyper. Status 0
Title Select the required title for the client. String 15
Last Name Surname / Company. The Last name of the client or the name of the company. Name 50
First Name Name 40
3rd Optional Name middle name of the client or the nickname/brand of the company. Name 40
Client Full Name The clients full name. This auto field is created from the "First Name" and the "Last Name" fields. String 135
Email The primary Email address String 100
Web Page The company Web page URL. String 60
1st Phone phone number / Cell Number. 1st option Phone 20
2nd Phone phone number / Cell Number. 2nd option Phone 20
3rd Phone phone number / Cell Number. 3rd option Phone 20
Fax Fax number Phone 20
VoIP Phone Voip Phone number. (Skype etc.) String 40
Street Address Default Company address: Street name and number. String 80
City Default Company address: City Name String 40
Region Default Company address: Region String 40
Country Default Company Country: Select from list String 40
Zip Code Default Company address: Zip Code String 15
Building / Apartment / Office Instructions String 80
Use a Different Mailing Address String 160
Gender Gender of client. Select from list. Status 0
Birthday The Birthday date of the client. Select from the calendar or fill in the date Date 0
ID Number ID Number of Client or company. The system verifies that the ID number is legal and displays a message when it does not match the defined rules. Serial 20
ID Doc Type ID Doc Type. Select from list. Status 0
ID Doc Valid Until Month 0
Country Issuing ID String 40
Docs & Forms Language
by Connected User
Status 0
Handling Status Handling status. Auto / Manually field. This field is updated according to the recent activity of the client. Status 0
Locked Name & ID Locked Name & ID. Hidden field, Boolean field marked as "TRUE" for clients handling status of "Real Client" or "Real Client + Club / Contract". Bool 0
Created On Created on. An auto field. FixDT 0
Created By Created by. Auto field - modified at the moment of creation. String 40
Parent Client Account Parent client account Auto filled according to the chosen client card in the "Parent client account name" field. Integer 0
Parent Client Account Name Parent client account name. Choose from list of existing customers, to create a linkage between the clients cards for accounting usage. String 135
Assign Journal Entries to Parent Redirect the journal entries to the parent card. The formal documents will still be produced with the Child client name. Bool 0
Middleman Account Middleman Account number of this client (Supplier number). Auto filled by the system after choosing "Middleman Name". Integer 0
Middleman Name Middleman Name. Select from list of existing suppliers (suppliers table).
When defined as middleman, the supplier card can be linked to a client card, and receive commissions accordingly.
String 135
Middleman Contact Person String 135
Use Currency by Default Default currency for documents printing. Select from the list of currencies. As default, the system takes the defined bookkeeping currency from the sales tab of the System Fundamentals. String 4
Committed to pay VAT Bool 0
Produce International Documents by Default Produce International documents by default. Boolean field. Choose yes to produce the formal documents of this client in English. Bool 0
Send Official Documents to Primary Email Send official Documents to Primary Email. Select from list. choose the type of documents to send. Bool 0
Print prices on delivery notes Define whether to print the prices on delivery notes. Printing delivery notes without prices is available only for local documents. Bool 0
Default Payment Terms Default Payment Terms. Define the approved payment terms for the client. When choosing a credit payment, fill in the "Credit Months" and "Credit Days" fields accordingly. Status 0
Credit Months Credit months. Choose how many months. Active only when "Default Payment Terms" is "Standard Credit" / "Extra Credit" / "Consignation". Integer 0
Credit Days Credit days. Choose how many days. Active only when "Default Payment Terms" is "Standard Credit" / "Extra Credit" / "Consignation". Integer 0
Export Account to 3rd party Export account to 3rd party. Fill in account number. Integer 0
Gov Tax Authorities ID String 20
Money Laundering
Remote Detection
Face-to-face Identification
Not Regulated
Status 0
SEC Regulation
Not Regulated
Status 0
Industry Classification Code Integer 0
Industry Classification String 100
Contract CID Counter Hidden field, Automatically filled by the system. Integer 0
GIS Latitude GIS Latitude. Real 0
GIS Longitude GIS Longitude. Real 0
Data Source String 2
Website Password String 50
Website EMail Verification Status
Not Asked
Status 0
Website Phone Verification Status
Not Asked
Status 0
Website Last Token String 10
Website Hidden Script Monetary Trans Auth String 1
Website Shop / TP Activity
Status 0
Website Registration Flags String 5
Role for Loan Module None
Status 0
Default Sales Agent Default agent. Select from the list of users. The client card may be available and visible for the authorized sales agent only, String 40
Default Relationship Manager Default relationship Manager. Select from list of users. The client card may be available and visible for the authorized relationship managers only, according to the authorizations definitions. String 40
Spare Agent 1 spare agent 1. to choose from list of users/employees. String 40
Spare Agent 2 spare agent 2. to choose from list of users/employees. String 40
Spare Agent 3 spare agent 3. to choose from list of users/employees. String 40
Price List String 50
Accept Commercial Info by these channles Define whether the client accepts receiving commercial info and select the allowed channels . Status 0
Popup Serious Note Define a message for pop-up to be displayed when opening the clients card. String 160
Relationship Abstract Recent events summery. Auto field which displays the recent relationship log with the client. String 1000
Last Phone call On Auto filled according to last updated phone call time. FixDT 0
Last Phone call By String 40
Last Phone call / Try to call Result The updated status of the last phone call to the client. Status 0
Next Phone call On Select from calendar the timing for the next phone call. FixDT 0
Next Phone call By Select the required employee to make the next phone call. String 40
Last Contact On Automatically filled according to the last reported contact with the client. FixDT 0
Last Meeting On Automatically filled according to the last reported meeting with client. FixDT 0
First Meeting On Automatically filled according to the first reported contact with the client. FixDT 0
First Price Quotation On
Status 0
Became a Real Client On Date Automatically filled after approving the client as active. Date 0
Not Interested Reason The reason of the client for not becoming a real client. Select from the list. Status 0
Assigned by Wizard On Assigned by wizard on. Automatically filled by the system. FixDT 0
Lead Supplier Lead supplier. Choose from a list of sources. String 60
Lead Status
Newly Created
HOT Lead
Interested Again
Status 0
Mandatory Documents Not Tested Yet
Status 0
Review Status No Need
Denied / Wrong
Status 0
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