Database Table "hyp_Server Side Automations Settings"

תיאור הטבלה

טבלת הגדרות ליישומים בצד השרת ואתר האינטרנט של הייפר

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כל המידע מאוחסן כאן

אחסון ארכיון (Archive)

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Main Key String 2 Edit Hidden
Read Only
Key Field
Default Agency Status 0 Select
Default Translation Language Status 0 Select
Default Public Email Address String 80 PopupList
Default SMS "Sent From" Number Phone 20 Edit
Use Recent on GMAIL Bool 0 Select
Delete Retrieved EMail Messages Bool 0 Select
Digital Signature Thumbprint String 80 Edit
X.509 Certificate is installed and valid until Date 0 SelectEdit
CRM & ERP: Custom Hour of Daily process (UTC) Hour 0 Edit
Import Symbols Feed from SYE String 50 GroupSelect
TP Module: Create P&L journal entries Status 0 Select
TP Module: Produce Statements Status 0 Select
TP Module: Statements Features String 500 GroupSelect
TP Module: Custom Hour of Daily process (UTC) Hour 0 Edit
Daily Statement Production Date 0 SelectEdit
Fortnightly Statement Production Date 0 SelectEdit
Monthly Statement Production Date 0 SelectEdit
Website API Token String String 20 Edit
Accept Client Age above # years Integer 0 Select
Identify Owner Accounts Status 0 Select
Website English Title String 20 Edit
Website Session Timeout # Minutes Integer 0 Edit
Website BCC Every Mail to String 120 Edit
Website Purpose String 200 GroupSelect
Website Registration Steps String 300 GroupSelect
Website Account Verification Status 0 Select
Website Login System Status 0 Select
Website Payments Interface String 200 GroupSelect
Website Limit New Client Payment Status 0 Select
Website Withdraw Request Page String 120 GroupSelect
Website Create TP Account on NEW client reg Status 0 Select
Website Create multiple TP Real accounts upto Integer 0 Select
Website Disable Functions String 1000 GroupSelect
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