Database Table "hyp_Order Items"

Table Description

The Order Items and their details.

Normal Storage

Archive Storage

Deleted Storage(Recycle)

Field Name Description and Notes Data Type Text Length
Order Number Real 0
Item ID Real 0
Catalogic Number String 30
Product Name String 120
Unit of measure
Status 0
Integer Unit Quantity Bool 0
Unit Width mm Real 0
Unit Height mm Real 0
Unit Depth mm Real 0
Unit Weight kg Real 0
Tax-Free Cost Price Real 0
Taxable Cost Price Real 0
Cost Currency String 4
Tax-Free Selling Price Real 0
Taxable Selling Price Real 0
Selling Currency String 4
Warranty Period in months Real 0
Discount Note String 10
Discount % Real 0
Quantity Real 0
Total Tax Free LC Money 0
Total Tax Liable LC Money 0
Total Tax LC Money 0
Total Charge LC Money 0
Total Charge on P.C. Total Charge in Purchaser currency Money 0
Exchange Rate Real 0
Discount Type String 10
Manual Product Name String 1
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