Personal Information & Details API

This is the API of the Personal Information page. Use http post to pass the fields into the function. Response returned as json string.
In order to use the API, call the Personal_json url, AFTER the user is logged-in.

Function Input

When not posting any field, the function will replay with the whole connected client record
Field Name Description
FirstName the user first name, as defined in the user record.
LastName the user last name, as defined in the user record.
Email The user Email Address.
1stPhone The user primary phone number.
Additional fields from the Clients table can be posted, according to the definitions in the Fields Matrix.

Functions Error Messages

Response Code Message in English
3 API function does not exists.
5 Technical Error on server side.
6 Technical Error: Client Session not found.
7 Please fill up all the required fields.
50 E-mail address: (EMail Field Content) is not valid.
51 Phone number: (Phone Number Field Content) is not valid.

Nice trick to get Function fields list:

Here is an example for the "Personal_json" function:

SYE Hyper WebApi Personal_json
To get this list, call this function only with "ApiToken" value AND json=help parameter as well.